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It is an international team composed of a group of technology and business enthusiasts from the early drone field, China‘s space station. Horwin possesses full-stack R&D capability from software to hardware.

We not only love technology, but also pay more attention to how to enable everyone to expand the original boundaries of life, to try more possibilities more freely and safely, and to explore new life states in each scenario with technology.

We firmly believe that eventually we will be greeted by a mobile civilization in the age of electrification together.

Through 6 years of underlying technology research and development, as well as oversea verification to product and technology, Horwin developed a series of bestsellers like SK, EK and CR6 models and set up branches or R&D center in Europe, Asia and North America. The sales network covers over 50 countries in 4 continents. HORWIN possesses over 200 patents, comprehensive independent intellectual property and full-stack independent R&D capacity. Its product design was honored with 2021 Global Industrial Design Awards - Red Dot Award.

In 2022, based on the technical concept of "improving efficiency and reducing consumption", HORWIN created a full-stack self-developed "IM integrated intelligent chassis", which will overturn the layout of separate motor-controller-battery in traditional electric vehicle, and redefine electric motorcycles to achieve far superior performance at lower power consumption. HORWIN 5G intelligent building block factory (for short as BB factory) is under construction and will realize unmanned and intelligent production of core components. This will lead to higher production efficiency and further improvement to product quality and reliability.

All the efforts of HORWIN are only for you who also love the world and life.

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